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We can build your green, dream solar cargo home!

our container homes are super insulated and solar powered!
our cargo container homes are super insulated and solar powered! With fiber optic internet

Our container homes are green!  Solar powered and super insulated, you will experience a super low monthly energy bill.  Each home is fully automated, solar powered, and fed by a fat internet pipe (fiber optic 100 Megabit), you can download a feature length movie in about 3 seconds.  We can build them underground or high in the sky.  It’s all up to you.  Tell us your dream and we’ll build it!

Come by today and see us building our first model home, pick out a home site (we have many) in the woods and rolling pastures of Cedar Creek.  This is horse country.  It’s also about sports and fitness, we’re building fields for your dreams and gyms for your physical well being.

And stay tuned for an announcement of a world class marketing team that is going to make this all possible and help you realize your dream of an energy efficient, solar powered, indestructable home.  A home of hardwood and steel that will withstand any hurricane, tornado, or earthquake.  A home that will last well beyond your childrens and grandchildrens lifetimes.

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We can build your dream container home at CargoTown

Use your imagination!  We'll build your cargo home at Cargo Town.

cargo homes built to order

We build cargo container homes and sell cargo containers or rent them for storage in the West Bastrop County area (near Highway 1209 and 21).  We can custom build a condo or home for you on our 12.8 acres at the end of Shiloh Road in Cedar Creek, Bastrop County, Texas.  Call today for a quote and a tour.

Specs: Cargo containers, sometimes called shipping containers, are 8′ wide x 45′ long x 9.5′ high. 360 square feet. Some are 20′ or 40′ long with either 8′ or 9.5′ ceilings. They come with solid steel locking doors and are one of the strongest, most secure housing units available.

See pictures of our production facility.

You can rent a cargo container home at CargoTown   You get a gorgeous country setting with coworking facilities and a Lodge for relaxation and guests, you get some of the purest water you’ll find anywhere, access to a swimming pool and recreation facilities, and more.

Call or text us today at  501-365-1001.