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October 21st, 2010:

Cargo Home links

Here are some more links to find out more about container housing: is an excellent resourse for finding out more about the structural possibilities with containers, and features many annotated links to various websites and images. has some good basic information about container homes. has a multitude of design ideas for container homes. Intermodal Steel Building UnitsĀ  News is a blog-style site with lots of information about container homes. has a number of videos and images relating to container homes. Tempohousing invents, designs and builds modular housing solutions world wide. Flex-Box is a worldwide supplier of new and used shipping and storage containers. Global Container Partnerships have projects in Jamaica, Haiti and Liberia. an article about how Clemson University is exploring how to use containers for emergency housing. describes a holiday home made from a ocntainer. Urban Space Management has devised a modular system based on containers. is a blog about shipping container housing. This blog post is about using shipping containers for housing. sells both new and used containers around the world. shows some radical container based architecture. features a number of informative articles about container homes. is a blog-style site with many informative posts about every aspect of shipping container homes.